German ABC-Sonderschutzbekleidung Zodiac

Well this is an ultimate feeling. Completely protected by rubber. Complete with rubber boots and gloves it is really a heavy rubber.


This suit is from 2013 in my collection. It is Size II so it fits well.. I got 2 trousers one is intact and one with a hole to have some extra fun with penis and balls 😀

Some more info about the suit:

The suit called „Zodiac“ (with ‚c’ is right, not „Zodiak“) is available in a civil version (e.g. for THW) and a military version
The civil version has one big face opening, the military version has three smaller holes fitting the M65z gas mask but are some more differences like air valves in the civil jacket, and shorter „cuffs“ at wrist.
Normally the civilian version is fitted with an extra metal „belt“ from outside at the ankle. Both versions are available in two sizes: I (1) and II (2). as of the different circumfence at the waist you should not mix jacket/pant in different sizes … that would not give the apropriate fit of the „rolling connection“.

The suit is originally planned to use in a special nbc force group, not for the „everyone“ soldier. This group, in german called „ABC Abwehrtruppe“ (nbc defense group), used this suit for decontamination: Washing contaminated cars etc. So the had their time to build up their decon place and get in their suits, helping each other to ensure the gastight/watertight fit of every piece of gear. So this suit is normally not donned alone but with help of at least two buddies/ other soldiers.
One important thing to say: The gas mask M65z itself (made by Dräger or Auer) is not part of the so called „Sonderschutzausstattung“ (extra protective gear) Zodiac, because the mask is already part of the „everyone’s soldier“ personal gear.
Normally the soldiers will wear just underwear (long pant, t-Shirt) inside a zodiac, not the complete uniform.