Avon – FM12

Avon FM12 | 2011 | America


FM12 is probably the widely used respirator across the world by military and law enforcement organisations. Providing high levels of respiratory protection against both classical chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial materials, the FM12 has now gained CE and NIOSH CBRN certification, an endorsement demonstrating that it meets state of the art requirements for first responders.

The FM12 was originally developed for classical military NBC operations and is the standard issue respirator in a variety of countries, including Holland, Ireland and Denmark. However in today’s changing world, the increasing threat of terrorist attacks has lead to law enforcement and civil defence agencies requiring CBRN respiratory protection. Due to its pedigree, ease of use and high protection levels; the FM12 now also finds itself as an essential part of the armour of a variety of agencies, including the British Police force, Singapore Police and Chicago Police Department.

  • 3 sizes ensures best fit for all
  • 6 buckle fit allows excellent seal, 4 buckles are pre-adjusted when fitted with 2 being adjustable to allow quick donning and doffing
  • Low profile polycarbonate eyepieces
  • Optimal light transmission and optical clarity
  • Compatible with weapon sights and other optical devices
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Flexible contoured face seal – comfortable for extended use
  • Drinking facility – easy to use, fail-safe system allows user to re-hydrate without contamination, either from a canteen or bladder type systems
  • Primary speech module (PSM) – allows clear and direct communication in risk areas with unique inverted horn design
  • Secondary speech transmitter (SST) at side ports – assists with telephone communications
  • Side mounted canister minimises interference – left or right mounting available for tactical specialists
  • Low profile canister range – minimal impact on mask fit and comfort

Avon FM12 Brochure