About Dunlopgear

Life is short, Gear up and have fun!!

I'm DunlopGear, gearhead from 🇳🇱 and the boyfriend of CusNL. He has built this little website 😉 which you’re discovering at the moment.

I was born in November 1979 on a farm, grew up with cows, sheep, (c)overalls, rain clothes, work boots and shoes, clogs, dirt, mud and all other stuff you find in a farm. My fetish started very early, but never realized that. As a kid always playing in overal and rubberboots and liked tying up things. I still remember that, in the period I went to primary school, we tied up a rather annoying friend on a tree, because everyone was tired of him. I really enjoyed it at the time, now I know why!

After the primary school I followed an agricultural education and worked at home when I wasn’t at school. Work on a farm never stops you know and my dad had also a transport company. So if I wasn’t working with the cows or busy with a tractor on the fields, you would find my laying under a truck repairing something. Almost always in a nice overall and Dunlop boots, which got really dirty most times. 😇

When I graduated, I started working at home all day. It was a nice but also a difficult time of my life. Because I discovered at a young age (16) that I liked boys, something I didn’t understand and didn't dare to tell anyone. At the end I accepted it and came out (being already 34 years old). Then it all changed very quickly, in 2014 I became active with fetish and played with some boys/men. Not much later I met CusNL for a playdate, but it has become bit more than that. It was a matter of days before we had a relation, love at first sight!

In 2017 we sadly had to sell the farm, because it wasn’t possible to take over the farm.
So we bought a nice old farmhouse at the countryside near Balkbrug, which we are going to renovate. Where CusNL and I happily live together, with plenty of room to play!

I worked e few years as a farmhand,  what I really liked! unfortunately I had to quit because my hands were hurting from milking (milking cows, not myself) Now I have found an other job I like, building truck trailers

I Like

Since 2014 I am tried much gear. As you can see I like a lot of different types of gear and the interest is still growing!  For example, in April 2019 I got my open water diving license, it's a very relaxing hobby and also a new fetish for me. 😇 Not much later got my drysuit specialty, full face mask specialty is one of the things I still have to do.
I'm always curious about new things, that can be gear, play or something else.

Gear that I like:

Workwear: Reflective Clothing, Rubber Boots and waders, Work Shoes, Etc.
Rainwear: Jackets, rain pants, overalls, Heavy Fishing clothing
Rubber: Rubber clothing (and most sorts of industrial rubber)
Scuba: Neoprene wetsuits, Rubber drysuits, full face dive masks
Sports: Lycra, Motorcross, Bike-leather
Chemical: NBC, ABC, CBRN, Trellchem, Gasmasks, Chemical Gloves
Check out our gear collection!

Play I like:

Bondage: Bodybag, Mummification, Bondage, Rope bondage
Prikkels: Electro, Teasing, Nippel play, Ball stretching, Edging
Sexual: Assplay, Kissing, Rimming, Blowjobs, Milking, Fucking, Toys and so on!
Chems: Poppers

I’m into much things (also dirty) and every good play contains gear! But a nice photoshoot makes me happy also. Or just meet other gearheads/gearminded people. Just have fun together. Wanna know more? Feel free to ask!

You can find me on:

Planetromeo: DunlopGear
Recon: DunlopGear
Facebook: DunlopGear
Instagram: @DunlopGear
Xhamster: DunlopGear
Tumblr:  DunlopGear.tumblr.com &  DunlopGearPhotos.tumblr.com


This are the results from my BDSM test:

100% Rope bunny
82% Non-monogamist
76% Submissive
66% Experimentalist
64% Primal (Prey)
64% Degradee
60% Degrader
59% Boy/Girl
59% Sadist
59% Switch
59% Brat
54% Voyeur
53% Rigger
51% Slave
48% Masochist
44% Pet
42% Daddy
37% Exhibitionist
32% Dominant
27% Vanilla
17% Age player
14% Primal (Hunter)
14% Brat tamer
7% Master
1% Owner