Hey Gearheads!

I am CusNL and I am put on this earth on June 1, 1993, you can count on how old I am. I live together with my boyfriend in the area of Balkbrug where we enjoy together what our life has to offer. I started a job in the nightlife for fulltime. I did a lot of fun and diverse things in a local dance cafe, where I also regularly jumped up the tent as a DJ.

Some years later I went looking for a new challenge. Not that the nightlife bored me, but I was looking for something with more challenge. Then I ended up at the farm from a good friend because I sometimes got bored during the day, and yes I am not a quiet sitter. Unfortunately, health did not allow us to work in dusty environments in animal husbandry.

Since 2019 I have started a new job as a mobile tower crane operator this new challenge is so awesome because I come to a lot of different places and build all sort of buildings or moving heavy stuff. Some people have asked if I have dreamed about suspension in the crane.... yeah duhh!!!    🤣

I am an outgoing type and like to see a lot and meet lots of gearfriends.



It all started around 2009 when I wore my first overall in school. Because of that, I was sold!. So very nervous I bought my first overall in the store. And that was exciting! At that time I was 16 years old, at one point there was interest in more gear. You look around on the internet and discovered so more. You then consider going to an Army dumpster for military clothing... Then came a little later there boots in the closet and rubber! So it's all so slightly begun, however funny to tell you this so now I have grown to an experienced fetishist which is very active in the world and is looking more and more experiences!

I think I am the most versatile gearhead there is! I did not end upheld at one fetish, but experiences discovered more really cool things. It is not always a fabric or smell ... but also the movement of a role. And yes where hold it at? Over the years, you learn new things and try clothes, situations, play, and so on. And that is why I have no small collection of gear...

Lots of people ask me what do you really like about the gear. I have long thought about that and my conclusion is: I like the full enclosure of full geared and the idea that is fully protected and sealed from the outside world.

Various types of gear that I like:

Workgear; Reflective Clothing

rainwear; Heavy protective rainwear

Uniforms; Firefighter, Army, Swat

Rubber; Rubber clothing

Scuba diving; FFM, Drysuits, Neoprene wetsuits

Sports; Lycra, Motorcross

Chemical; NBC, ABC, CBRN, Trellchem, Gasmasks


Through the years I have been able to experience many nice bondage. You keep on trying and you find out what you like and dislike while playing together. The keywords in my playroom are Bondage, Gear and FUN. The challenge in the game can be certain, good tight bondage is fun! Total surrender that you can no longer control what happens to you, cumming 2 times or more? nice!

I have also been collecting some nice bondage gear since a while and I also like to tie someone up. Do not forget the game is about giving and taking, both have to have a nice time!

Bondage cannot be tight enough being really unable to move anymore! But also relaxed bondage could be fun.

If you want to know more about my fisting interests Click Here



Here are my results from the BDSM Test

93% Rope bunny
91% Exhibitionist
90% Voyeur
89% Switch
85% Experimentalist
81% Submissive
64% Non-monogamist
59% Rigger
58% Degradee
56% Vanilla
54% Brat
44% Dominant
32% Degrader
31% Masochist
31% Primal (Prey)
22% Master/Mistress
17% Sadist
16% Slave
15% Brat tamer
11% Primal (Hunter)
10% Girl/Boy
6% Pet
4% Ageplayer
4% Daddy/Mommy
2% Owner