Hello gearheads! Maybe you already have seen my new bike leathers on the socials! Now finally here is the full shoot of this awesome 1 piece suit. The suits fit so well I even slept in it! That made me also take the decision to finally go for my bike license! So that will start later this year because the COVID everything is postponed to later this year. For now, enjoy the pics of the full bike outfit!

See the full shoot of some gearheads in heavy rainwear!
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Hello gearheads! All strange times made me having a small gear dip… but slowly going back to have fun again with the socials and my website! It was time to get my pros heavy blue coverall and have some fun back in the shed!

Hello, gearheads! Last weekend we took some pictures in the shed and having fun in some gear. After the photoshoot from last year that keycaps and me having fun in the suits with fireworks they are stored away. So it was time to unpack the suit and having fun in front of the camera. For the telegram users, there is a special sticker pack. To share your gearmoji around telegram. There are more to come!

Hello, Gearheads, There is finally a new video on xtube! CusNL Aka D287-65 is having fun in front of the camera. Full rubberd up and plugged with a large electro plug up in his ass he will crank up the electro up to the max and wank until he cummed. This with also lots of poppers. Full rubber drone wank powered by XTube

Hello, gearheads, A few weeks ago a package arrived from and it contains 2 great heavy suits from PROS. It did not take long and I was geared in these hot new suits! Of course, we went out for some new gear pics 🙂 Check the full set of pics at the photosite

Hello, gearheads, Already from the first time I have met with Seppie, we had plans to do a hazmat shoot! With both a quite busy life its tough to set a gear meeting. Gassuit Seppie is known for his work in the petrochemical cleaning where he has worn lots of hazmat suits! We had a great time together in the suit, walking around and moved some stuff around 🙂 Check the full shoot at the photosite!

Hello, gearheads! It has been a while! sorry about that, it was a bit busy at work and the moderators of Instagram blocked my account. So I needed to start from scratch! Now you can find me on Instagram as @Worldofcusnl, check it out and see as the first what will come! We are looking forward to the new diving season and the new gear has arrived! Of course, it contains rubber and Full face masks! See full shoot:    

Hello, gearheads, On 19 January 2020, we visited the Sunday Rubber social from Dutch Rubbermen. This edition was in ‘The Webb’ in Amsterdam this bar is known as an open cafe with a kinky touch. The ‘Rubber social’ is an open event. That means that the cafe is open for everyone but the DRUM* meet also in this cafe for a nice social meeting. Dutch Rubbermen Dutch Rubbermen previously know as Mr. Rubber Netherlands is now active beside Mr. Rubber elections also for Rubber social events in the Netherland. But I hear you thinking… is it the same as Manchester, Chicago, Barcelona Rubber men? Uhm yes, a bit. they are all rubber brother clubs. Organized by Rubbermen for Rubbermen! The Dutch community is larger than you first will see. Lots of them are not open to the world about their fetish. I hope to come together and help people to…

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Hello, gearheads, After an awesome new year’s eve at our place, we woke up for a new year in gear off course! We wanted to go out for some gear shots in the forest but it was to busy so we searched for another location and we found a dirty road 🙂 Check out the full sets of pics on the photo site.