In the backyard of our grounds we have a nice place in the field where 2 zodiak friends could have fun. Dunlopgear an Nick Lambers are geared and enclosed in their ABC Zodiak Schutzanzug and diving deep in to the sticky mud. Check out the full video now on Xhamster. Video Filmed and Edited by CusNL

Hard wind with heavy rain, that’s the moment when you are jumping around and write a message to a dear friend to walk around in gear! With absolutely no one around, we had great fun and took some great pictures with my phone. Read more!

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The diver has a mission to find a dropped object from a passerby. The channel has zero visibility so geared with my Viking rubber drysuit and my OTS full-face dive mask I’m going under for an exciting search.

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Geared in my viking I was watching on a road over the railway around Utrecht. With a awesome view we took some pictures at the sunset together with Rex_95. Check out the full set

Geared in my Alphatec hazmat fully enclosed and packed with a 6-liter bottle of 300 bars of air I go out for an underground mission. This tunnel underneath the road A28 needed to be checked and off-course in a safe situation for myself.

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It has been a while since my last drysuit pictures so it was time to bring my Ursuit to Antwerp near to the Waagnatie for some awesome pictures in the awesome urban harbor! Geared with my Ursuit and s10 gasmask we took some pictures around the old cranes. Fully seald walking around in a open location took offcourse some eyes from the people nearby… lovely to be unreconizable and a diver drone!

Hey gearheads! And hot it was hot I can tell you. We had tropical temperatures here in The Netherlands a few weeks ago. More than 10 days above 30 degrees!!! We did set up the pool so we could cool down but yeah… A geared in gear wants to swim too! Gassuit Seppie was also visiting us that week so we had lots of fun with some hazmat gear in the pool. Cooling down and relaxing. We both where wearing a full Alphatec super T with Interspiro respirator.

Hello gearheads! I have a good connection with a great webshop that sells awesome rainwear from multiple brands that especially is loved by the gear fetish community. That shop is and is owned by Mikko he is already known as a great gearhead who embraces all sorts of raingear. I am a fan of the gear that comes from the AJgroup also known as Pros rainwear. I have already a wide collection of some heavy drainage suits and extreme overalls! Mikko told me about a new design coming to the store and I was directly interested. Black overall with hiviz stripes added to it instead of reflective stripes. I already knew that also pros have great hiviz waders so I made a combined order with boots and overall. A few weeks later the package arrived. The combination works great together and looks awesome. With a small trip to Antwerp,…

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Hello gearheads, And it was hot Last days here in The Netherlands so Pup_Rex_95 and I went out for a swim in a river near Utrecht! We had great fun it is a small beach where also are cows are walking around and that brought Pup rex near to some nice cows! During the high temperatures, it was to hot for a wetsuit above water so we had lots of fun during swimming but I don’t have a waterproof cam so we took first some pics and after that, we had a great afternoon fun with swimming! Lots of questions where asked by the people around us but I don’t care. Its nothing to be ashamed of to be a gearhead! Dare to be different! The full set of my swim is now on my photo site!

Few weeks ago I visited Pup Rex. He was riding around on his quad and I god a chance to to ride on his 750 cc quad! And what a ride it was very cool!

Check the pictures read more

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