Rewind July 2019

Hey, gearheads!

July was a great gear month! It begins with some gear fun together with CBRN-Firefighter who came to visit me for some diving and gear fun. Later that month I was also visiting some gearheads in Essen! Blogpost will be soon online! Lots of photoshoots are posted and more will come! First, let's see some great porn from xtube!

Greetings CusNL

Xtube Favorites

Great Thor kit 🙂 Like the colors!

Benellbiker 'another session in my Thor kit'

Wank in mx gear 4 powered by XTube

Great suspension video! also great to see 2 full rubbered guys playing.

Blackshinyrubber 'Fully rubbered and restrained, flying in the air, only enjoying the rubber.'

Toy out of this world powered by XTube

Like the flectarn pattern and great to see him enjoying his gear!

Fireblade 7 'Soldat in Flecktarn mit Gasmaske und Breathcontroll wichst. (Flectarn soldier with gasmaks and breatcontroll wanking.)'

Soldat in Flecktarn mit Gasmaske powered by XTube

This hot vacbed video let made me came more than once! Great to see this!

TieBoiBama 'Sealed in the vacbed by GhostRiderSC and edged and milked by machine Twitter: @TieBoyBama @GhostRiderSC'

Milked in the vacbed powered by XTube

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Rewind June 2019

What a month! It was filled with gear, fun, and visiting friends! First, of the month I became 26 and that needed to be celebrated with lots of gear in June! I did lots of diving with my new full face mask! Check out the diving page! And don't forget to see my xtube page with also some gear videos and bondage. This month no xtube favorites because i did so much porn this month i did not have watched much porn haha...


Xtube Uploads

Rewind May 2019

Hey gearheads!

And lets recap the month may, it was a month with focus on diving! Dunlopgear is having now also his diving license so we can dive together. That makes planning so much easier! If he have enough dives we are going to do some scuba fun under water! I also have posted few photoshoots and video's on xtube!

First the favorites of last month!

Greetings CusNL

Xtube Favorites

Great gearhead who is enjoying his gear! Great firefighter suit!

MXboy83 'Put on some Firefighter-gear: clothes, helmet, Dräger gasmask, gloves and Haix firefighter boots. A few push-ups to get warm up... It was a bit sweaty and difficult to jerk off in this thick gear.'

Swiss firefighter powered by XTube

WOW Hot!!!!!!.... I don't need to say anything more... I think...

Heavyrubberslave 'A smuggler and pilot of the rebellion got stored into carbonite. A rubber hero is on its way to free him again. But once he found the pilot and sees him caught like this the hero suddenly looses track of his original mission...'

Teasing the carbonite mummy powered by XTube

Good job to upload this video!! looking forward to more of Lucas his hazmat suit!

Lucas_1988 'Having some fun in gear wearing Drager hazmat suit.'

Drager Hazmat fun with SCBA powered by XTube

Someone forwarded this video to me. Was great to see that he enjoys his firefighter gear. Im still looking for a great location to to the same... 😇

Wet_worker 'After the firefighter gear dried from the indoor bath I went out to the river to take a real bath in the 8 degrees cold river in my full golden firefighter clothes. Also I added a bit of mud to make it even better. This gear is made to go for a swim.'

Muddy river bath in firefighter gear powered by XTube

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Rewind April 2019

Hey, gearheads!

Time fly's by when you are having fun! It is already May! We had a quite busy month in April with all non-kink stuff. So i did not post a lot. I have only uploaded a video from the gear weekend with GearNL... Did you see the video? 'Trellchem hazmat intervention'

Xtube Favorites

Fucking in full rubber and in a sling... where can I sign up?

Pupgizmo 'Gizmo in black rubber suit, is fucked bareback in his sling by a black rubber suited and MSA gas masked guy, whilst his boyfriend watches and records.'

Gizmo rubbered up, in a sling and fucked hard powered by XTube

Great video with bondage in a sleepsack and electro.

Bondagebait 'Strobe lighting used in this video - Highlights of a session with a guy in rubber sleepsac, rubber hood and gas mask and gag, Restrained on bondage bench with rubber straps and rope bondage. Electro on cock and balls, bi-polar electro nipple clamps and electro ass plug. A lot of grunts and moans from this guy …'

Sleepsac, Gas Mask and Electro (B05) powered by XTube

This is a great gearvideo! Sex in gear is the best!

Linemanberlin 'Jerking and Sucking a teammate in full football gear while being gagged. Finally he dumped a big load down my throat.'

Football Gear Suck & Swallow powered by XTube

Breathplay and edging. This video you need to see with your sound on!

Lthrsmsublondon 'Rubbergimp tied on a bondage chair with electro, bc, and edged till orgasm.'

Rubbergimp's feeding powered by XTube

I follow Blackshinyrubber already for a long time because the really awesome full rubber video's in bondage.

Blackshinyrubber 'captured a nice play toy in my red vac bed to be teased a lot. Love to see the rubbered struggling body :-)'

more vac bed fun powered by XTube

Most populair (March 2019)

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Come here boy! #zodiak #fetish #hazmat #gasmask

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Rewind March 2019

Hey gearheads!

Time to recap March 2019, this month was full of gear-fun, friends, new gear and more! GearNL came for a full weekend of gear and bondage!, Wellie came for a fist full Saturday! (Will post content in April) , Visiting the fetishparty in Stonewall and lots of new uploads!

Let's start with the Xtube favorites of March.

Xtube Favorites

I follow totalrubberpvc already for a few years. A great gearhead with mulitlayer gearvideo's

Totalrubberpvc 'After suiting up into two layers of tight latex, I encased my rubbered body with my yellow survival suit.'

2 Rubber layers & the yellow survival suit powered by XTube

Extreme hot video with full lycra in hogtie. Love to see him struggle 🙂

Boizbond 'dude bound and gagged strictly hogtied on a table in super tight lycra gear'

strictly hogtied cyclist in blue lycra gear powered by XTube

Love the decon video! That you know you really can't get out of the suit... love it!

ncapsul8 'Three men heavily suited in Level A hazmat suits do a long decon session.'

Group Decon powered by XTube

Yes i do like a little dirty play. This is one of the hottest piss video's I have ever seen.

Aphrodelic 'Aphrodelic serving a rubber gear creature. I'm getting completely soaked in piss. Total piss orgy with lots of PP ending with a cumshot right on my masked face. Please write me if you want to be in the next video.'

Dear Aphrodelic,

I send you this open message to apply for a session in your bathroom. The video made me cumm 3 times in 8 minutes! The interaction with poppers and piss are so extreme hot. And a good rubber pig does what master says! Have a great day!


Aphrodelic Drenched in Piss powered by XTube

After watching this video are my favorite colors Green, Blue and Cum white 🙂

Gear-freak217 'Geared up in answer MX gear and decided to get some cum on it.'

Answer MX gear cum powered by XTube



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Auer Vautec Elite Hazmat bondage at Stonewall Enschede! #fetish #hazmat #levelb #fetishparty

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Most populair (February 2019)


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Jtcross and me together watching tv. #motorcrossfetish #mx #fetish #gearplay

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Rewind February 2019

Last month was relaxed. I had a great meeting with JTcross at the beginning of the month. In full MX gear, we had a great night. The photos are already well seen and thanks for all your great response!

We have also bought some new furniture for the playroom. On Marktplaats we found a fuck bench and we could not resist our self and went to Zeeland to pick up the bench. Check out the pictures in the gear collection.

Have a great march and we have some great plans for the spring. So keep follow the blog or social media!

Greetings CusNL

Xtube Favorites

February 2019

This awesome gearhead is not living far from me. I have met him also and we will hear a lot of him in the future

JTCross 'Wank in my JT cross MX Gear and with my new gloves.'

Can't embed video: Follow link to see video

I Can not embed the video so follow the link to see this hot content!

Love to see that a soldier listen to his superior!

Finhockeywrk 'Swedish soldier with M90 camo uniform gets an order to cum.'

Canot Embed video: Follow the link to see video

Have met this awesome gearhead and great to see him enjoy full enclosed gear 🙂

Skintightlover 'I was horny in a Viking drysuit, S10 gasmask and NBC gloves, and decided to record a short video of it. Before starting the video, I had been doing some pushups to get nice and warm inside. Sorry for the autofocus noises, this was just quick wank so I did not have time for a full camera setup.'

Quick wank in rubber drysuit powered by XTube

Just one thing to say about this video... DROOL!

NZer 'I had a gimp visit from the weekend. He flew to Wellington wearing his catsuit, hidden away under his street clothes. He got an Uber to my work, stowed his bags in my car, and took a bus to explore the inner city. That night he spent a few hours tied up, sweating in the sun. This video documents his process the following day.'

Rubber bondage and edging powered by XTube

On social media

February 2019

Xtube Video!

I have finally met a new awesome gearhead not far living from me. He is young and willing to have some fun in the big fetish scene we all love. We where in full motorcross gear and having some cuddling and edging fun with each other. I am sure that this is not the last what we hearth of this young awesome fetish guy!

2 Geared crossers having fun powered by XTube

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Rewind January 2019

Well, that was the first month of 2019, I was a bit quiet on social media because of my new job. Lots of new theoretical stuff and lessons in a practical situation. But at home i still had some porn video fun 😛 I don't call it Xtube favorites anymore but Rewind January 2019, Ill add also some posted photos and Instagram content.

February will have some more gearfun! for sure and you will see it this Monday already 🙂


Xtube Favorites

Januari 2019

A really awesome video what shows what my ass wants. Being used with machines like a drone.

padlock86 'Recon: PupHaiiro spent a weekend with us recently and we had the pleasure of putting him through the wringer. Here is one night that he spent on the fuck bench with the fucking machine.'

PupHaiiro comes to visit. powered by XTube

I love to see a gearhead have fun with multilayers. :).

Duzyeltoro 'A few Working Layers dressed in a viking suit in a mask after a few fun games in 4Hrs.'

A few Working Layers dressed in a viking suit in a mask powered by XTube

Hot gear video. Hope he will post more of this wank in gear content. 😀

Wazay 'For all the MX lovers, here's a free video of it edging in its MX gear with its pissy helmet while Meester had left it home alone 😀 Though no cum was allowed this time, it guesses it's a nice video to edge together before moving to another one hehe :P'

Twink Edging in MX Gear powered by XTube

This video is a really hot! To see him drooling through his mask.

Oneill67 'Suited up in used rubber hazmat suit. Attached feet, gloves & hooded gasmask. Used several times before he is put into it. Gagged with a boxers mouthguard under mask, plugged ass. What you can't see is the second victim naked & bound below the first. Open mouth gag and getting sweat and spit dripped down onto his bound body. His gagged face lines up with the drool coming down from the mask. After some time, he will be put into the smelly wet rubber suit and suspended, switching positions.'

Sweaty Rubber Hazmat Suit Suspension Harness powered by XTube

On social media

Januari 2019

Instagram Posts


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Some safe fireworks! Check #proximity #fireworks #fetish #scba more pictures link in bio! Photo Made by @funingear_official

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Most populair on instagram (December 2018)


Latest Photoshoots Uploads

Xtube Favorite Friends edition 2018

Yes they are back... The favorite video's of the last month! But now not only xtube but also youtube, myvid, pornhub and more.

This edition contains not from the last month... Last week i have asked some friends of me to share the favorites of them. This is what they have send to me!


His favorite on this moment is a Pornhub video of 2 lads in sportswear fucking each other... Extremely hot to see!


He likes trampling so a trampling video it is! SuperMotoBerlin is trampling his slave with some airmax 90's


Trampling my slave with Airmax powered by XTube


MX-Gear is having some fun in room366 in full MX gear! I can't embed the video so you have to see it by clicking the link.!


Also roadcroser shared a video from MX-Gear... this time some fun with bondage in full MX Gear...


I have shared a video of a full hazmat guy! Keycaps is having fun in his drager workmaster pro! Last time im quite into the hazmat... Check it out...


Dräger Workmaster Hazmat suit with SCBA wank powered by XTube

Xtube Favorite June

So June is finished. I had first of all at 1 June a birthday party because this gearhead went 24 years old....

I brought a visit to Rubberskinnl for a deep fisting session that I came to my elbow 🙂 Made some great photo's with my boyfriend @dunlopgear and god graduated from my school!!! Last but not least I went by myself falling into the weekend in my survival suit 🙂


Have fun with the porn I liked to watch last month.
Check out my favorite video's on xtube last month. Want so see more?

Bondagebiker84, After an evening in rubber, I decided to shoot my load into my rubber cock and ball sheath, once I’ve removed a hood and replaced it with a gas mask.

FULL RUBBER WANK powered by XTube

Vollgummitab, this slave was bound tight in a leather sleepsack, got our favourite rubber hood on, electrified and milked and left alone with himself !!! he loved it and will come back for sure !!

slave milked and electrified powered by XTube

Peter242, Bound to the bondage table in a rubber suit. Clip of a very intense.session.

Intense edging bound in rubber powered by XTube

LatexKomplett, Mein zweites video mit der seriouskit melkmaschine. Suche noch latexfreaks für treffen

Latexboy seriouskit using venus powered by XTube

ToyTortureTube, Second Video of the session. After punching my hole until it is nicely gaping I am getting stuffed with large and challanging plugs.

Punch Fisting & Extrem Plug Play powered by XTube

Xtube Favorite May

May was a bussy month. I had busy weeks at the farmers, Silage grass and driving manure. So last month I did not saw lots of porn sadly. I have just a few video's this post.
Check out my favorite video's on xtube last month. Want so see more? 

Rubber Drone Edging Rubber Bottom

Areallytallboy, little more role-play than usual. For those who wanted to see me in more rubber...
Rubber Drone Edging Rubber Bottom powered by XTube

A weekend of discoveries 1

rbbrd, After my friend David asked me to help him bound a slave, they play breathcontrol with lots of poppers until my friend cums. Thank you David.
A weekend of discoveries 1 powered by XTube

bondagechair, slave fucked, milked, electrified, part 2

Vollgummitab, longer version of the rubberslave in the bondagechair. Slave loves to be kept like this for hours, watching other slaves playing through the video glasses, or watching himself being fucked and milked several times.
bondagechair, slave fucked, milked, electrified, part 2 powered by XTube