On a mission

I was looking back to 2019 and I noticed that this shoot never has been published! That needs to be solved and that means this weekend 2 new shoots online! First this shoot from 2019, I went to a favorite photo location from me near Zwolle and geared up beside the road. That’s always an exciting and slightly scarry moment. Direct next to the bussy road the A28 people could see you in the dark doing strange things. (For other people haha)

Geared in my Alphatec hazmat fully enclosed and packed with a 6-liter bottle of 300 bars of air I go out for an underground mission. This tunnel underneath the road A28 needed to be checked and off-course in a safe situation for myself. Excited as i am and geared with my camera i took some pictures of the suspiccious object.

And I don’t need to forget to tell you about the sticker pack I have made from the photo series. Interested click the banner below!

2 reacties op “Hazmat underground

  1. You are a fearless hazmat explorer! I wish there were reconnaissance experts like you patrolling my town late at night. 🙂

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