Rainwear.store shoot

Hello gearheads!

I have a good connection with a great webshop that sells awesome rainwear from multiple brands that especially is loved by the gear fetish community. That shop is Rainwear.store and is owned by Mikko he is already known as a great gearhead who embraces all sorts of raingear.

I am a fan of the gear that comes from the AJgroup also known as Pros rainwear. I have already a wide collection of some heavy drainage suits and extreme overalls!

Mikko told me about a new design coming to the store and I was directly interested. Black overall with hiviz stripes added to it instead of reflective stripes. I already knew that also pros have great hiviz waders so I made a combined order with boots and overall. A few weeks later the package arrived. The combination works great together and looks awesome.

With a small trip to Antwerp, I took the overall and waders for some great pics also what Mikko could use for Rainwear.store to show it to other costumers.

Check out the full set on the photo website!

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