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On 19 January 2020, we visited the Sunday Rubber social from Dutch Rubbermen. This edition was in ‘The Webb’ in Amsterdam this bar is known as an open cafe with a kinky touch. The ‘Rubber social’ is an open event. That means that the cafe is open for everyone but the DRUM* meet also in this cafe for a nice social meeting.

Dutch Rubbermen

Dutch Rubbermen previously know as Mr. Rubber Netherlands is now active beside Mr. Rubber elections also for Rubber social events in the Netherland. But I hear you thinking… is it the same as Manchester, Chicago, Barcelona Rubber men? Uhm yes, a bit. they are all rubber brother clubs. Organized by Rubbermen for Rubbermen! The Dutch community is larger than you first will see. Lots of them are not open to the world about their fetish. I hope to come together and help people to come out with rubber. And that we open up the rubber community in the Netherlands.

More info about Dutch Rubbermen

Sunday rubber social

One of the events DRUM* organize is the rubber socials. These events are there to meet up and bring rubber friends together. Rubber fetishists from all around the Netherlands come together and have a drink and celebrate that we can enjoy our rubber. The Sunday social we visited was the second of 2020. I have heard that the New years drinks where really busy!  Then you have to think about more than 30 rubber guys. The edition we visited was 2 weeks later and fewer rubber guys but still more than 15!

It was our first so while entering the cafe at 17:00 we were about the first except for the regular visitors of The Webb. After bringing our bag and coats to the cloakroom for 1 euro each is not too expensive. We ordered some drinks that are round € 3,20 for a coca-cola. After that, we were looking around an after a short while some other rubber guys were coming to us and introducing them. It was nice to have a chat with them and shortly thereafter, one after the other trickled in. We felt after a few minutes quite comfy and had lots of fun socializing with other rubber men! Some came from the south and we came from the north part and it’s worth it to drive 90 minutes 🙂

Here some reviews from other Rubbermen!

Karbos: Rubber Social is a very nice atmospheric party. You can talk in rubber while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat. It is really recommended to visit once. Would you like to play for a while. Then you can go upstairs for the darkroom. It’s very cosy.

Dunlopgear: The very welcome environment surprised me, i also liked the bar with the nice and relaxed personnel! Looking forward to come back and have more fun and socializing in rubber! 

Around 18:00 they came with a message that the food is ready, they told me every Sunday they have a small snack. That was a nice surprise and we enjoyed the meatball with bread :). Every Sunday there is something different. So compliments for The Webb! Afterall we enjoyed meeting lots of new rubber friends around The Netherlands! Around 20:00 we planned to go back home but we are looking forward to coming back to the next rubber social.

Parking ‘Oosterdok’

We got a tip from a friend that you can book a parking spot directly next to the Central Station in Amsterdam. This parking garage is called Parking ‘Oosterdok’ if you book early enough the price for 24 hours is just 5 Euros in the middle of Amsterdam. After you booked a spot you can drive into the garage and it recognizes your license plate and opens the gate. If that not works you can scan the barcode you receive in the mail. My tip is the drive to the Central exit at the back of the garage ‘Exit C’. The minimum parking time is 5 hours and a maximum of 24 hours, be aware that the booking starts at 00:01 and ends 23:59 so you need to leave the garage before 23:59.

More info you can find on the website of Parking Oosterdok.


I was surprised by the ‘Rubber Social’ its nice and relaxed environment and love the socializing aspect. Also, it did not cost a lot and that’s great too, the social is a free event. I try to visit the Rubber social more but still if you are not living near to Amsterdam you need to plan. And it’s worth it if you like to socialize in gear and have some fun if you want.

Parking € 5,00 – 20,00
it depends on when you book.
Website There are more options like P&R but we enjoyed this way too.
Event Rubber social: FREE DRUM* Website
Location The Webb* Amsterdam Website * Not always, it depends on the date and event type. More info at DRUM* website
Drinks and Cloakroom It depends on what you drink but around the €3,20 for a soda. €1,00 for the cloakroom

*DRUM – Dutch Rubbermen

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