Hello, gearheads!

Folsom Europe is already done for 2019 and it was awesome! Met a lot of gearheads in person and had lots of fun in the Fuggerstrasse and clubs Lets flashback to the great week of our trip to Berlin!

Our trip begon on Wednesday early morning with a car full of gear! We arrived at the hotel Novum Aldea around 12:45 after a 6 hour trip with not lots of traffic jams. We parked the car and met Gear_NL in front of the Riu for a visit to Blackstyle.de we had some gear in mind to buy 🙂 Walking to the shop was fun… even before you enter the shop you could enjoy the nice rubber smell!

I have found a nice short with a rubber cock sheet I want to use for the sleazy photoshoots. Also, I found a nice fitting mask with open eyes and mouth nice to combine with a gasmask for a full rubber drone look. Hoping to complete the look soon for a nice full rubber drone photoshoot. I finished with a nice rubber bomber hoodie of 0,9 mm thick 🙂 my boyfriend bought also a hoodie and rubber dungarees of 1,2 mm thick! 🙂 rrr love it.

When we got back to the hotel we washed the rubber for a nice shiny gloss for the party’s what
will come this week. 😍 After some dinner, we went to the Fuggerstraße to check out the Prinzknecht and Dreitzehn, and it was really busy! lots of people were also standing on the street. We both were geared in our Engelbert Strauss hiviz.

Source Cuffed.at. Check out their handmade restraints!

When we are chatting with some guys around there I also have met the guys from Cuffed.at and I have bought their awesome rubber restraints! I really love the round edge and the detailed hand made work! They started just a half year ago and now already a real brand in the rubber scene.

And that just for 330 euro!
2 Ankle restraints
2 Wrist restraints
1 Neck collar

A few minutes later we gathered together with some dutch friends to have a drink and not much later we were also heading back to the hotel to have some rest and chill out after the long day trip and looking forward to the next days what will come!

The next morning we woke up for some walk around the neighborhood and gear shops. We went to several shops to look around, we have seen some friends it was fun 🙂 Also we had a meeting with Moose Pup from the USA, we have been chatting for years and now finally we have met each other! He is a great pup and great gearhead so we are up to for some pictures after Folsom in gear! More about that later 🙂

When we got back to the hotel Pup_Rex arrived so had to help him into the hotel room. Our room was for 5 gearheads 🙂  In the evening we went back to the Fuggerstraße for a drink and socializing. At that evening I have met more awesome gearheads! I was a fun evening!

Friday also Roadcrosser and Nikesairmax arrived at our hotel room and we showed them around the neighborhood. We had a dinner meeting with the awesome Imheavyrubber, Kilkeralcaraz and Alex Coco. After that, we had some sleazy rubber fun at the rubber party at Mutchmann’s. The party was not quite long because it was overcrowded! and I don’t like overcrowded clubs. So we went back to the hotel together with Finhockeywrk. We had some rubber fun in the hotel room 🙂

And then there is the street fair day! After a good breakfast, we are gearing up in MX for walking to the Fuggerstraße. This afternoon was filled with lots of chatting and gathering gearheads together! Check out the pics here underneath here to see who I have met at the street fair!

So many gearheads! and loved to met them! After the street fair, we went back to the hotel for a gear change to full rubber for the rubber party at the laboratory. And that party was awesome hot and busy! Certainly not to busy the venue is big enough for lots of sleazy rubber gear fun! It’s long waiting before entering the venue but it was worth it! I had some fun with my bf and also had the possibility to fist ‘Rbrbiker (gayromeo)’, I had a proper punch fisting session with his ass! Loved it! hope to fist him soon again!

Sundays were a day of relaxing and doing not too much. We went to the Berliner technique museum and in the evening back to Fuggerstraße. I had planned a meeting with Brazilianbiker for some fun in their apartment was short but fun 🙂

On Thursday we had to leave hotel and before we drove back to the Netherlands we had a photoshoot meeting at a urban location outside the city of berlin. This photomeeting was together with the awesome Moose pup also known as Mhwap. First location was sadly closed and we lookt at some places nearby we found a old bunker and a awesome staircase. Packed with Hiviz, Motorcross and bike leathers we took some awesome pics! Here a sneak preview! Later more online!!

We had a aweome week in berlin! Im looking forward to next year! And yes we will be next year in BERLIN!
Folsom europe 2020 hotel is booked allready!

Happy geardays,



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  1. Hello Cus I saw you in Fuggerstrasse Friday afternoon,
    but I’m shure you and your boyfriend ‘ve saw me satur-
    day afternoon…
    Please check out mine Fetlife’s profile, RubberPasha…
    there’s the pic of mine Folsom outi-fit…
    rubber hugs from Italy

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