Hey, gearheads!

Gear? yeah, GearBLAST! in august 2019 I went for my very first time to a Gearblast event! Read all about that in my gearblast travel post. This month I have done a lot of personal stuff last month and did not post a lot of new content. September will be the month with Folsom berlin and some planned photo shoots and meetings with some gearheads! So stay tuned but new content will come!

Greetings CusNL

Xtube Favorites

Love the nice colorful bondage setting! And don't forget the nice cock stimulation.

Bondagebait 'Highlights of a session edging a guy in a rubber sleepsac, rubber hood and gas mask. Restrained with rubber straps and rope bondage. He is teased with a vibro-wand before orgasm.'

Cock stimulation to orgasm in rubber sleepsac (P05) powered by XTube

Rubber and fisting is a wonderful combination! If you like fisting you really enjoy this video 🙂

Dukeyrubb 'We realized it had been quite some time since we had geared up in latex and gotten greasy with each other! So one afternoon while @ffun195 and I were at home bored with nothing to do, we figured why not spend some time and mash up each other’s holes? This session is a crazy two parter that we had such an amazing time filming. We did some really heavy duty fisting, including punching and cum.'

Dukey hardcore fisting his slut in rubber and gasmask again powered by XTube

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