Hello, gearheads,

So if you may know I went to Gearblast UK last weekend! And it was a blast!!!! Here is the full story about my first trip to the United Kindom 🙂

I started my journey Thursday around 14:00

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My first destination was a stop at the south of Rotterdam for a dinner with the famous Gaspak Seppie. This gearhead is really up to hazmat and containment suits and does work with them for a living! We have talked about some different suits and how it is to work in them.

Around 18:00 I continued my journey to Hook of Holland for the Stenaline ferry to Harwich. It was a night ferry so I had also a hut for sleeping during the night. It looks very good and I had a really good night. Before I went to bed I was watching how we left The Netherlands.

The next morning I have arrived Harwich and after the border control, I started my journey to Walsall! And it was a great trip! It was for me the first time driving on the left side of the road and it went very well! I had no problems on my way to the hotel!

When I arrived at the hotel (Travelodge) I checked in and changed my clothing and went out to the venue at the Facility Studios for helping set up the venue! Already I had to shake a lot of hands and meet the crew and other volunteers. I helped out with placing some banners in the marquises and staircase 🙂



After that, I went back to the hotel for a change to my German army gear and walked back to the venue for my Gate Duty 🙂 And I welcomed all the gearhead to GB UK 🙂 Later that evening I met a lot of gearheads and had a lot of fun. Also, I went to a workshop about ‘Safety during the play’ i have learned a lot also some techniques to checkout a gearhead who is in the headspace and you don’t want to bring him back to the world. I also went to the photo booth with Keycaps and Skintightlover for some army photos. In the Blue room (Lounge area) I had some fun with a lot of gearheads around me having fun at one couch… I got a trampled feeling 😛 The evening finished with a wonderful rope demonstration!

The next morning it was time to prepare for a fun day with Gearwalk and Gearkarting! The gear walk happened in the central of Birmingham city! A gear showoff and entertaining the people around! Halfway the walk there was a refreshment stop. And a refreshment it was! The square contained big fountains…. and we needed a cooldown with about 30 degrees! There will be some images soon!

After the gear walk, we went to the karting speedway for full gear karting! And it was fun! I wore still my motocross gear and joined a team with Baika. After a qualification race, we started at place 7 and finished at place 5 🙂 Also there will be pictures soon!

When I returned at the hotel I changed gear to my hi-viz with safety harnesses. At the venue, I helped out to be gateman again 🙂 And when all the gearhead were there around there was a welcome word of the crew of GB UK. After the words, all dungeons opened and because the heat the most gearheads were having fun outside. I have met up with some great gearheads and did a great edging session with Benbristol. After the venue closes it was bedtime, it was a very long day and it was wonderful!

Sunday was the cooldown day and I did! I woke up around 10:30 and went after breakfast in the Mc Donalds to the venue to watch all the bikers go out for the Rideout. I had lots of respect for all the gearheads who were already in full leather in the burning sun. When they left I went back to the hotel for some relaxing moments at the hotel room and sorting allready some gear for bringing some bags back to the car. I had an also a visit to GearbikerDE and RubbikeRo great to meet them and chat about gear and photos! Later that afternoon Keykaps and Skintight lover came over to have a chat.

In the evening I started again as gateman 🙂 And after 20:00 I had also DM duty (Dungeon Monitor) so I had to check out what happened in the Rought dungeon. After that, we had a small meet up with the Worldwide Geardivers who visiting GB UK. We took some photos in the photobooth with our rubber drysuits and it was nice and sweaty (photos will come soon). After that, I need to lick the boots of Benbristol I was honored to clean them and the feeling of being used is so fun 🙂 Also AndyLeather was slightly horney and have been a good boy :). Last but not least I saw a guy walking around in a nice hazmat suit… it was Jazz and he got my full attention! Nice having fun with who is fully enclosed of the outside world!

At 02:00 the venue closes and it was already time to say goodbye to such great gearheads.

Monday morning started with a survivours breakfast at the venue and the teardown of the dungeons. Sad to say bye bye to all the great gearheads who have attended GB UK. My Trip back started allready at 15:00 with a 3 and a half-hour drive back to Harwich for the ferry back home.

I want to say very special thanks to the full crew of this awesome event. I have heard story’s but it went above and beyond! They have worked extreemly hard in really hot conditions to let every one enjoy GB UK! And also all the voluntears where all awesome!

I have met lots of great gearheads… If i don’t wrote about our meeting sorry. I was all overwelmed by the new thinks what happend around me… 

Im looking forward to the edition of 2020… and yes i will be there in 2020!

More info at

Stay tuned for the offical gb pictures soon!!!!


CusNL and Gatemann Singing off! for now…



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