Hello, gearheads!

Last week I got a very special guest visiting me from Frankfurt. This gearhead was visiting me for some fun diving in gear! I have met him in a telegram group about real geardivers. He arrived Tuesday evening and I showed that evening the diving spot for the next day and the flat nature around our house! He brought also his Kirby Morgan bandmask for a test dive.

After a quick tour, we did a small bondage on a vacuum mattress he brought. I was wearing my Avon divers dress, a vintage rubber drysuit together with his Kirby Morgan Bandmask. This was a really great experience because if you suck out the air out of theĀ mattress it gets solid hard! This was just quick bondage because it was a long day for my visitor.

Diving with CBRN-Firefighter

The next morning started off course with coffee! Not much later we drove to the diving spot for the first dive, and it was really a great dive. We have seen lots of fish like Roaches, Bass, Pike, and Chinese Jellyfish! The last one is really unique!

The day followed with more diving and the last dive of the day was it time for the Kirby Morgan bandmask! It was just testing if the mask works and the seals are waterproof. Here are some pics of the diving day!

CusNL With the band mask
CBRN Firefighter diving with his Kirby Morgan bandmask








The video of the bandmask could be found here.

Greetings CusNL

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