Hey gearheads!

And lets recap the month may, it was a month with focus on diving! Dunlopgear is having now also his diving license so we can dive together. That makes planning so much easier! If he have enough dives we are going to do some scuba fun under water! I also have posted few photoshoots and video's on xtube!

First the favorites of last month!

Greetings CusNL

Xtube Favorites

Great gearhead who is enjoying his gear! Great firefighter suit!

MXboy83 'Put on some Firefighter-gear: clothes, helmet, Dräger gasmask, gloves and Haix firefighter boots. A few push-ups to get warm up... It was a bit sweaty and difficult to jerk off in this thick gear.'

Swiss firefighter powered by XTube

WOW Hot!!!!!!.... I don't need to say anything more... I think...

Heavyrubberslave 'A smuggler and pilot of the rebellion got stored into carbonite. A rubber hero is on its way to free him again. But once he found the pilot and sees him caught like this the hero suddenly looses track of his original mission...'

Teasing the carbonite mummy powered by XTube

Good job to upload this video!! looking forward to more of Lucas his hazmat suit!

Lucas_1988 'Having some fun in gear wearing Drager hazmat suit.'

Drager Hazmat fun with SCBA powered by XTube

Someone forwarded this video to me. Was great to see that he enjoys his firefighter gear. Im still looking for a great location to to the same... 😇

Wet_worker 'After the firefighter gear dried from the indoor bath I went out to the river to take a real bath in the 8 degrees cold river in my full golden firefighter clothes. Also I added a bit of mud to make it even better. This gear is made to go for a swim.'

Muddy river bath in firefighter gear powered by XTube

Xtube Uploads

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