Hello gearheads!

Last weekend was a gearfull weekend, we had a visit from GearNL. We planned to be in gear the whole weekend.

Friday evening started with a live video in Hazmat and Zodiak for gearNL. For me in the hazmat suit was a test because we repaired last week our breathing air compressor. Now we can have up to 4 hazmat guys at the same moment in full gear. The best part is that you do not need to wear SCBA so for some bondage is it a bit easier.

Rockstar Energy Crosser

After some fun, we changed gear to MX and had some beer, fun stories, and a photo shoot in front of my new photo curtain. Great for a non-distracting background. (More pics will be released soon!)

The next morning Dunlopgear was tied up on the fuck bench and charged by some electro in the ass.

Rockstar Energy Crosser

The afternoon started with Trellchem, I wanted some pics of me in my Trellchem suit, blown up and in a vacuum. The results were quite fun, a vacuum feeling inside the suit I was not able to move anymore. Also, Dunlopgear and GearNL tried Trellchem suits. I was the object who needed a checkup, a role I love to play.


I wanted that GearNL was silenced in the bedroom so I put him in his body bag with electro on his dick and in his ass. For GearNL never a dull moment 🙂 I also added enough poppers so he was completely losing his mind after some time in his leather body bag.

A few hours later I was bound on the gynecology chair in full firefighter gear also plugged with electro and was milked completely dry by GearNL until I screamed… Loved it!

CusNL in bondage




And that was the final of the gear weekend! I want to tank GearNL for a really great weekend! I will release more content soon! so stay in touch!

Greetings CusNL

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