Last month was relaxed. I had a great meeting with JTcross at the beginning of the month. In full MX gear, we had a great night. The photos are already well seen and thanks for all your great response!

We have also bought some new furniture for the playroom. On Marktplaats we found a fuck bench and we could not resist our self and went to Zeeland to pick up the bench. Check out the pictures in the gear collection.
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Have a great march and we have some great plans for the spring. So keep follow the blog or social media!

Greetings CusNL

Xtube Favorites

February 2019

This awesome gearhead is not living far from me. I have met him also and we will hear a lot of him in the future

JTCross 'Wank in my JT cross MX Gear and with my new gloves.'

Can't embed video: Follow link to see video

I Can not embed the video so follow the link to see this hot content!

Love to see that a soldier listen to his superior!

Finhockeywrk 'Swedish soldier with M90 camo uniform gets an order to cum.'

Canot Embed video: Follow the link to see video

Have met this awesome gearhead and great to see him enjoy full enclosed gear 🙂

Skintightlover 'I was horny in a Viking drysuit, S10 gasmask and NBC gloves, and decided to record a short video of it. Before starting the video, I had been doing some pushups to get nice and warm inside. Sorry for the autofocus noises, this was just quick wank so I did not have time for a full camera setup.'

Quick wank in rubber drysuit powered by XTube

Just one thing to say about this video... DROOL!

NZer 'I had a gimp visit from the weekend. He flew to Wellington wearing his catsuit, hidden away under his street clothes. He got an Uber to my work, stowed his bags in my car, and took a bus to explore the inner city. That night he spent a few hours tied up, sweating in the sun. This video documents his process the following day.'

Rubber bondage and edging powered by XTube

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February 2019

Xtube Video!

I have finally met a new awesome gearhead not far living from me. He is young and willing to have some fun in the big fetish scene we all love. We where in full motorcross gear and having some cuddling and edging fun with each other. I am sure that this is not the last what we hearth of this young awesome fetish guy!

2 Geared crossers having fun powered by XTube

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