Well, that was the first month of 2019, I was a bit quiet on social media because of my new job. Lots of new theoretical stuff and lessons in a practical situation. But at home i still had some porn video fun 😛 I don't call it Xtube favorites anymore but Rewind January 2019, Ill add also some posted photos and Instagram content.

February will have some more gearfun! for sure and you will see it this Monday already 🙂


Xtube Favorites

Januari 2019

A really awesome video what shows what my ass wants. Being used with machines like a drone.

padlock86 'Recon: PupHaiiro spent a weekend with us recently and we had the pleasure of putting him through the wringer. Here is one night that he spent on the fuck bench with the fucking machine.'

PupHaiiro comes to visit. powered by XTube

I love to see a gearhead have fun with multilayers. :).

Duzyeltoro 'A few Working Layers dressed in a viking suit in a mask after a few fun games in 4Hrs.'

A few Working Layers dressed in a viking suit in a mask powered by XTube

Hot gear video. Hope he will post more of this wank in gear content. 😀

Wazay 'For all the MX lovers, here's a free video of it edging in its MX gear with its pissy helmet while Meester had left it home alone 😀 Though no cum was allowed this time, it guesses it's a nice video to edge together before moving to another one hehe :P'

Twink Edging in MX Gear powered by XTube

This video is a really hot! To see him drooling through his mask.

Oneill67 'Suited up in used rubber hazmat suit. Attached feet, gloves & hooded gasmask. Used several times before he is put into it. Gagged with a boxers mouthguard under mask, plugged ass. What you can't see is the second victim naked & bound below the first. Open mouth gag and getting sweat and spit dripped down onto his bound body. His gagged face lines up with the drool coming down from the mask. After some time, he will be put into the smelly wet rubber suit and suspended, switching positions.'

Sweaty Rubber Hazmat Suit Suspension Harness powered by XTube

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Januari 2019

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Some safe fireworks! Check #proximity #fireworks #fetish #scba more pictures link in bio! Photo Made by @funingear_official

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