Yes they are back… The favorite video’s of the last month! But now not only xtube but also youtube, myvid, pornhub and more.

This edition contains not from the last month… Last week i have asked some friends of me to share the favorites of them. This is what they have send to me!


His favorite on this moment is a Pornhub video of 2 lads in sportswear fucking each other… Extremely hot to see!


He likes trampling so a trampling video it is! SuperMotoBerlin is trampling his slave with some airmax 90’s


Trampling my slave with Airmax powered by XTube


MX-Gear is having some fun in room366 in full MX gear! I can’t embed the video so you have to see it by clicking the link.!


Also roadcroser shared a video from MX-Gear… this time some fun with bondage in full MX Gear…


I have shared a video of a full hazmat guy! Keycaps is having fun in his drager workmaster pro! Last time im quite into the hazmat… Check it out…


Dräger Workmaster Hazmat suit with SCBA wank powered by XTube