Hey, gearheads!

Last weekend I visited together with friends to Boerenrock festival. It all started on Thursday, we were on our way to the festival camping. I packed also some bondage gear just in case if there are some hot boys that need to tighten up…

Also, I had the crazy idea to visit a sex shop nearby on Friday morning. A friend tipped me that ‘Taboo’ in Emmen has a great BDSM department. And I can say they have a really good service and a great floor filled with Rubber, Leather, Neoprene and more bondage gear! In the case of privacy, I did not take pictures. I bought 2 leather masks from HG Leather.
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Engelbert Strauss and Steinzsecura

On Friday there was also an enduro, Cross country. That took my interest in all those hot motocrossers! So I watched with a boner to all those crossers 🙂 

That evening in the party tent there was a hot guy in sportswear 😀

On Saturday started the autocross and the motocross was quite fun to see all the creations of cars. Also, motocrossers could make use of these tracks so it was all mixed. A heat of cars and a heat of motocrossers. When the cars are driving the crossers came also to watch and that gave me some opportunity to take some hot motocrossers on the pictures.

When we came back at the camper I lay down in bed and one gave me an awesome blowjob. When he drinks alcohol he gets horney. That was a benefit all of us :D.


Hogtie Bondage

He wanted that I gave him also a blowjob but my plans where a lot more fun… for me :D. Bondage on a festival? Why not…. So hogtie it is….


Was fun last weekend! Enjoy all the photo’s of the cross! Specialy made for your horneyness.