Absolutely the hunt is on! We are now busy searching a house, we want to live in the countryside with lots of space so we have our idea’s at one line. At the same time, we are rigorously cleaning up the old farm. My boyfriend had collected lots of stuff over the years. That makes some fetish play sometimes hard but it creates also wet dreams. Also what kind of space we need for the few cows and in the house will we planning a nice playroom but the idea for the playroom is always changing. But that it will be one with all kind of useful things that will be a fact.

We thought about a vacuum pipeline that the vacuum pump could be out of the room, to have it nice and quiet when you are playing with the vacbed. That is ideal for relaxed playing

Also, we are thinking about a compressed air line. For some great hazmat play, but for that when you work with scuba gear you need dry air. Normal compressor won’t filter that, so our search started ?.  At a Dutch Spin of from eBay (Marktplaats) we found an air compressor build by ‘Asgro en Van Der Voort’ they are specialized in building air compressor for the asbestos sector and much more. This one is suitable for 4 persons at once and with dry air. The pump can deliver 885 liters of air at 10 bar. You need that for the regulators, otherwise, they can malfunction. So we bought this one also because it can replace our old air compressor. It can deliver air also without filtering it is multi propose. 🙂


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So the first component for our still have to build playroom is bought ?

More updates follow.


Cusnl and Dunlopgear