Hello gearheads,

It has been a long time from this side. And all that has a reason, there is much fun but awesome things going on at the moment.

The relationship between me and Dunlopgear has been going on for a while. To be exact:

63.936.076 Seconds
1.065.601 Minutes
17.760 Hours

During that time, a lot of happening has been done, including Dunlopgear showing the first ways of the wonderful fetish world. The fetish has also made our relationship often challenging … But at all times, it became stronger.

That’s why it’s nice to mention that we are busy looking at a place to live together. Because of course, this takes a lot of time by preparing a lot of searching and preparing the right questions, we are both very calm with the fetish.

But that does not mean we’re still sitting
In our long checklist what a house should have is space … A fetish space: D and yes, of course, some cows around our cottage … for the livelihood in the countryside.

So you hear from us!
Keep an eye on the website!

CusNL and Dunlopgear