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I’m a gearhead from the north part of The Netherlands, on this website I’m sharing my gear stories and gear trips, lots of gear pics and some fun links to buy gear! Have fun!

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You can find me on a lot of different platforms, Ill spread some pics around so to make you gear-heads happy! There are a lot platforms out there and I can't keep every platform up to date. Xtube deleted all my movies and I left xtube im working on uploading stuff to Xhamster.

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Post Grid lazy load
In the backyard of our grounds we have a nice place in the field where 2 zodiak friends could have
Hard wind with heavy rain, that's the moment when you are jumping around and write a message to a dear
The diver has a mission to find a dropped object from a passerby. The channel has zero visibility so geared

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Darklands Antwerpen

From: 5 mei 2022

Until: 8 mei 2022

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